Vote on Revised By-Laws December 6th

During his visit to Ankeny this fall, District Governor Chris Knapp reviewed with the Board changes approved by Rotary International's Council on Legislation and the impact these changes may have on a club's By-Laws.   In light of these changes, he asked the Board to review the club's By-Laws.  At it's November 10th meeting, the Board approved some changes to the Club's By-Laws.   Each member received an email with a red-lined version of the By-Laws showing these changes.

To complete the implementation of the revised By-Laws, a two-thirds vote of the membership at a regular meeting is required.  Assuming a quorum is present, this vote will take place during the noon meeting at the Ankeny Golf & Country Club on December 6, 2016.  Please plan to attend and be prepared to vote on the revised By-Laws.