Vote On New By-Laws April 29th


The By-Laws for the Rotary Club of Ankeny have not been amended since the club was chartered in 1973.   Each member was sent a draft of revised By-Laws by email on February 27, 2014.   The comments received were considered and incorporated into the By-Laws and this revised document was approved by the Board at its regular meeting on April 10, 2014.

To complete the implementation of the revised By-Laws, a two-thirds vote of the membership, at a regular club meeting, where a quorum of members is present is required.  It is required that written notice be given to each member at least 10 days prior to the regular club meeting when the vote to change the By-laws will take place.   All members should be receiving written notice of this meeting which will take place at its regular noon meeting at the Ankeny Golf & Country Club, on April 29, 2014.