The club is looking for 4-5 members willing to serve on a "Sargent at Arms Committee".    The members of this committee would take turns performing some of the duties currently being performed by the Secretary.  Specifically, each member would be responsible for a month at a time to arrive by 11:30, assist with set up, take attendance, and put the Rotary items away after the meeting.  Assuming there are 4-5 members on this committee, each committee member would be responsible for 2-3 months during the year.  The Secretary, Nate Burnham, would still be around most weeks to assist but would be more free to help the speaker get set up, visit with guests, take pictures, and get set up for the Zoom call (at least for a while longer).   This will also provide back up for when Nate may be traveling or unable to attend a meeting.  
This is an easy and enjoyable way to serve the club and maybe learn the names of other members.  If interested, please contact Nate at or 515-238-6589.  We would like to have the committee established and ready to start serving by January if not sooner.  Thanks for considering.