Rotary Foundation's Six Areas of Focus

The Rotary Foundation's six areas of focus reflect the service interests and activities of Rotary clubs worldwide.  These areas are:
  • Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution - Since World War II, the number of conflicts between nations has decreased, yet the world has seen more than 50 major armed conflicts since the end of the Cold War. 
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment - Infectious diseases are the leading killers of people living in poverty.
  • Water and Sanitation - Worldwide, 2.6 billion people, 72% in Southern Asia, lack access to improved sanitation facilities, and 884 million, 37% in sub-Saharan Africa, do not use improved sources of drinking water.
  • Maternal and Child Health - Nearly 27,000 children under five die every day from largely preventable diseases and conditions.
  • Basic Education and Literacy - Worldwide, 75 million children, 41 million of them girls, do not have access to basic education
  • Economic and Community Development - Worldwide, 1.4 billion people live in poverty, on less than US $1.25 a day.