Rotary Foundation Minute


An invisible, growing monster roams the streets, preying on millions of innocent victims throughout the world.  This monster is Child Slavery, and it is woven into the very fabric of our daily lives. According to Kevin Bales, co-founder of Free the Slaves, there are 27 million slaves worldwide.  Aware of this horrific plight of victims and the necessity for rehabilitation after the rescue, The Rotary Club of West Chester Downtown, Pennsylvania with the help of The Rotary Foundation was able to provide funding for a tiny herd of cows, a sow shed and a bio-gas system for the rehabilitation center for girls who have been rescued from sex slavery in Punarnawa Ashram in India.

The cows feed 40 residents daily; the bio-gas system processes cow manure to cook meals and compost for their gardens.  They act as a resource to learn animal husbandry and cooking skills, and the extra milk generates income. “Wiping out root causes of slavery helps prevent further victims.  Education and community vigilance are ways of prevention as are job training, feeding people who may be temporarily down and out on their luck, and helping victims of war-torn areas or natural disasters is like inoculating communities against slavery, “ according to Carol Metzger co-founder of the Rotary Action Group Against Child Slavery.

Your support of the Rotary Foundation helps this happen.  Thank you.