Rotary Foundation Minute

,The daughter of a Macedonian foreign service officer, Anja Nikolova, grew up in London, New York and Venice.   Her globe-trotting childhood gave her a gift for languages, she is fluent in five, but also a passion for international environmental issues.  With the aid of global grants, funded by Rotary districts in Texas, Oklahoma and Connecticut, Nikolova is presently working towards her master's degree in environmental management at Yale University.  She is interested in tying together the environment and economics on a large scale in order to understand the feasibility of certain environmental projects.  She states, "In the end, if whatever you pursue doesn't make sense, it's probably not going to work.  That has been acknowledged and seen as an opportunity rather than a threat."
When in Ghana, she worked on a community agricultural and forestry project where villagers were empowered to farm the products that were in a National park and sell them.  They did not have the technical support to sell the projects at a scale that was profitable , so  Nikolova connected this project with Rotarians and together they managed to raise more than $100,000 to move forward.  Your dollars to The Rotary Foundation to support scholars, such as Nikolova, enables this to happen.  Thank you.