Rotary Foundation Minute

In rural South Africa, clean water doesn't come with the twist of a tap.  On average, women spend four to six hours a day collecting and transporting the water supply for their family's daily need.  The Rotary Club of Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada, provided 50 Hippo Water Rollers to a village in South Africa.  The barrel-shaped device holds 25 gallons of water – enough to meet five peoples’ daily needs – and can be pushed like a lawn mower back and forth from water sources!  The device also prevents the need for carrying heavy 5-gallon buckets on the head, which can result in injuries over time.  And it reduces the number of trips to collect water, giving women and children more time to pursue educational and economic opportunities.  According to Luke Vostermans, member of the Rotary Club of Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada, “ It’s a simple flick-the-switch technology that frees women from the daily chore of hauling water for their households.”
Your contribution to The Rotary Foundation helps make this happen.  Thank you.