Rotary Foundation Minute


The common perception of the physically disabled throughout Mexico was that they are incapable of being productive members of society.  Unable to work or provide for their families, they face discrimination, must be taken care of, and are kept at home.  But an organization called Autonomy, Liberation Through Movement (ALEM) is working to change all that.  Founded in 2007, ALEM provides vocational training, in such areas as painting, welding and upholstery work.   It encourages and empowers people with motor disabilities to find meaningful employment.  In addition, the group is providing a service that was sorely needed throughout central Mexico:  wheelchair repair.  With the help of the Rotary Club of Cuernavaca-Juarez and the Rotary Club of Paoli-Malvern-Berwyn, Pennsylvania, USA, ALEM has been able to provide low-cost repairs for wheelchair users in their community.   


A Rotary Foundation grant is funding a mobile repair clinic that travels to neighboring central Mexican cities.  Local Rotary clubs arrange accommodations, meals, publicity, and a central local location where the ALEM team can set up its mobile repair shop.  ALEM and the Rotary clubs joined efforts and have made a difference in the world of these handicapped people.  This has happened thanks to your donation to The Rotary Foundation.