Rotary Foundation Minute

Running, biking and swimming 482 miles in the course of a year or even a month is hardly the marvel of sports headlines.  But racking up that distance in three days staggers the imagination.  Rotarian Jeff Glidden did just that through his Ultra Distance Triathlon Challenge, raising $100,000 and counting, for The Rotary Foundations's Annual Fund.  “It was difficult” said Glidden, “but it was more rewarding than anything I have ever done.  Many Rotarians that had never given before contributed and supported me, that was definitely one of my goals” Corporate sponsors helped fuel Glidden’s mega-triathlon challenge by each contributing at least $1,000.  Local media coverage also raised overall awareness of Rotary.  All the proceeds from Glidden’s challenge went to support The Rotary Foundation.
While you might not have the ability to take on such an ambitious physical undertaking, please take time to think about what special talents you possess that could lead you to create your own  special activity, either alone or with follow Rotarians to make a difference to the Foundation's financial strength.  There are many ways to advocate and donate.  Maybe you can think of something new and creative.