Rotary Foundation Minute


Unfortunately, it has been reported that the number of polio outbreaks in Pakistan has increased considerable this past year.  At this time last year, 56 cases were reported, and this year there have been 235!  In light of this,  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed resolve to defeat polio in six months.  He instructed all the provinces to take this matter up with seriousness, adding it is about the future of the nation's children.  He said that Pakistan shares the international community's concerns on polio, but that the world should also understand the issues faced by Pakistan.

"We face challenges like inaccessibility, terrorism and misconceptions in tribal areas about the campaign." he said noting that "Health workers have been targeted by militants." His chief ministers assured him that extra security measures were being taken for the protection of the polio teams. They will report to Sharif every fifteen days.  We are making progress!  Your contribution to Polioplus guarantees that we will not slip backward towards polio’s eradication.