RI Board Modifies Position on Guns & Weapons

In January, the RI Board passed a resolution that would prohibit all Rotary clubs, districts and any other Rotary entity from transferring ownership of weapons or to participate in any activity where weapons are sold, given away or raffled.  At its May meeting, the Rotary Club of Ankeny's Board authorized President Carmen Davis to execute a petition asking the Rotary International Board of Directors to modify their position on the Rotary Policy on Guns, Weapons, and Armament.  A response has been received from John P. Hewko, General Secretary of Rotary International in which he states the RI Board had reviewed the policy again and at its June meeting, decided to modify Rotary's policy on club and district activities related to guns and weapons to include the following:
  • The policy allows clubs and districts to hold gun raffles and sponsor gun shows, as long as no club or district ever takes ownership of the weapons and all transfers of firearms are conducted by licensed third parties.
  • The policy does not prohibit sponsorship by companies that manufacture or sell guns.
  • The policy also provides guidance on the depiction of weapons with the Rotary Marks.  Specifically, the Rotary Marks may not be shown along with images of guns or other weapons but it would not prohibit the incidental appearance of a gun or other weapon, for example, in a photo of a police officer being honored at a club function.