Resolve to Improve Attendance in 2014


Attendance for the first six months of the 2013-2014 year for the Rotary Club of Ankeny has been 68.2%.  This compares to 72.6% for the first 6 months last year and 72.4% for the entire 2012-2013 year.  We do have 20 members with perfect attendance so far for this year but we also have 6 members with less than 30% attendance. 

As a reminder, the attendance standard for Rotary International which was approved by the Rotary Club of Ankeny's board several years ago is 60% for each member.  Also, it is the board's desire that the total club membership be at least 75%.  If your attendance is not up to "standard", or less than perfect, this would be a good time to make a new year's resolution to improve your attendance in 2014.

Makeups are given for other club visits, social events, committee and board meetings (other than during club assemblies), online makeups, and participation in Rotary sponsored service projects.  To complete an on-line makeup, go to our web site at and log in.  Then on the left side under ”Club links” click on “On-Line Makeup – eClubOne”.  This takes you directly to Club One’s makeup web site.  Then go to “Makeups” in the heading and click on “MakeUp Programs”.  You will get a list of programs.  Spend 20-30 minutes watching or reading programs then click on “Request a Makeup Confirmation”, fill out the information and send it.   You do not need to make a donation.