President's Corner

We are now into the third month of my term as president.  It's been a productive time and the goals for the year are moving along.  Here are four of my goals and the progress on each.   1.) Begin to use Facebook.  Thanks to Renee, we have joined the evening club with a presence on Facebook.  2.) Plant a tree for each member.  Art and his committee have been in contact with the city regarding the possibility of beginning this fall after Board approval.  3.) Use Rotary Minute at 2 meetings per month.  Members have used a variety of resources to present at most meetings.  4.) Host a city-wide summit.  Julie Todtz has facilitated a planning meeting with representatives of all service clubs and a date of March 22, 2018 has been set for a meeting of all service clubs.  City and school representatives will also be invited.  The purpose will be to share calendars, learn about each club and how we may collectively determine and assist with community needs. 
In addition to the above club goals, I also have a few personal goals.  Have you received a note from me?  I've been reaching out to members to say thank you for your active participation, inquire about being on a committee and if there is anything else I can do to help you have a meaningful Rotary experience. Have you noticed the singing?  It’s a start and I promise we won’t do it every meeting!

Thank you for coming to our meetings!  I look forward to every week and I’m having fun – are you?