Damon Update

10/17 Update from Amy:
Damon is really suffering emotionally right now. He's had enough & is struggling to find the strength to get better. Dr Franko will be back tomorrow & I pray he can offer some advice and alternatives to what we were told today by the social worker. Basically, she told me that they have found two (sub-par) skilled nursing facilities in the Des Moines area that would take him with TPN. Our insurance company feels like he is ready for this next level of care so they will force him to go to one of these when a bed opens. This IS NOT what Damon needs...basically a retirement home where he would lose the small amount of motivation he has right now. Why can't insurance companies do what's best for the patient? So unbelievably sad & maddening! 
10/14 Update from Amy:
Please pray for Dr Franko to save the day tomorrow...he's our only hope right now as I was told. Damon needs a positive step right now in the worst way. Dr Franko's partner called to try to convince the insurance company with zero success. Their comments were that he needs to go to a skilled nursing facility or home. There is only one skilled nursing facility in Waterloo that will take patients with TPN feedings. Damon will be on TPN for another 5 weeks. What a corner insurance has pushed us into. Unreal.