Damon Miller Update


Amy's Journal entry mid afternoon on Monday, Sept 19th:

Dr Franko was just in. Damon's nutrition is lacking so the feeding tube will be put back in. But, he plans to send Damon home early next week after a week of tube feeding!! He thinks this is the jump start his body needs to heal faster right now & Damon is fine with it. Whatever gets him home the fastest. 😉 The lung doctor was out today but if Dr Franko has his way, the chest tubes will be removed in the next couple days as well as one of his 3 drains. He's fine sending him home with the other 2 drains and said that the output of those is about half of what it used to be so signs that the colon fistula is healing as well. At this point, they do not believe he will need surgery to remove fluid from lungs either. Prayers for the feedings to give him the strength he needs to make a BIG step in the recovery process this week! So thankful that Dr Franko understands the importance of getting our guy back home and that he is willing to make it happen ASAP. ❤️