Damon Miller Continues to Show Improvement

Here are the last couple journal entries posted on CaringBridge by Amy Miller:
Sept. 4 - Sorry for not posting an update yesterday. Damon got moved to the 8th floor today. It's not the rehab floor but rather just a normal floor of the hospital. We knew he'd need to go here to mend before starting rehab & it's a good thing for him to see his "graduation" to a regular floor. I know he's also fearful because the two previous times we've been upstairs, we've ended up back down in ICU. Praying the third time is a charm! Damon is exhausted today and has lost a lot more fluid. He's having trouble swallowing so can only drink liquids that are thickened. They think he just needs to learn how to swallow again because it's been so long since he's eaten. An ENT doc should be in to see him in the next few days to rule out any other reasons for the trouble swallowing. Hope everyone is having a good Labor Day weekend. 
Sept. 2 - Another great day! Walked twice as far & looks like he's lost even more fluid. His breathing is so much better as well. So happy for his progress & I know he is so glad he is feeling better & getting stronger each day. Happy Friday everyone & again so thankful for such amazing support system! Thank you all.