Corporate Membership Guidelines Approved by Board

At the July meeting of the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Ankeny, the proposed guidelines for accepting "Corporate Members" into the club were approved.   Before we an start taking corporate applications, we need to amend the club's By-Laws to allow for corporate members.  An amendment to the By-Laws requires approval by a majority of the entire club's membership.   An amendment to the By-Laws has been sent by email to all members and will be voted on during the noon meeting on July 28th.   Please plan to attend this meeting since a quorum must be present and the approval of an amendment requires at least a two thirds vote.

The corporate membership guidelines include:

  • Requires an individual to be named "Primary Designee"
  • Up to three other employees may be named "Secondary Designees"
  • Primary and all secondary designees will be considered active members of the club
  • Secondary Designees are exempt from attendance requirements but attendance may be credited to the Primary Designee
  • Secondary Designees may attend all meetings and participate in all service projects
  • Quarterly dues will be $250 for the noon club and $150 for the evening club
  •  Classification of all Designees will reflect the primary business of the company