Books Arrive in Rwanda


Elizabeth Stuhr is a former outbound Rotary exchange student for the 2008-2009 school year.  She is now teaching English to middle school students in Rugabano,Rwanda, a village with no electricity, as a Peace Corps volunteer.  She also leads an English club outside normal school hours to familiarize the students with American culture and customs.


During her last visit to Ankeny, Elizabeth visited Ankeny schools and gave classroom presentations about her work in Rwando.  She asked students to donate books for her ship back to Rwanda for her to use in her classes..  The response was so overwhelming that she needed help with the cost to ship the books.  The Rotary Club of Ankeny donated $300 in February, 2014 to ship these books.  Elizabeth has forwarded pictures of the new library and says the library is packed every break when it is open and the kids are LOVING the books.  She also said "Thanks so much for all our help!"