Are You Wearing Your Rotary Pin?

Each Rotarian was given a pin on the day they were inducted into the Ankeny Rotary Club and was encouraged to wear it proudly. Do you wear your's to every club meeting and event?  Do you wear it every day?  Your board of directors would like to encourage you to wear your Rotary pin every day.  If you have misplaced your pin, you may get another one, at no cost, from Nate Burnham.
The first lapel pin in Rotary history was created in 1909 for the Rotary Club of New York.  But it was not given to every member, just the president.  Remember what Past RI President Bob Barth said about pins. He said, "A Rotary pin should say this about the wearer: 'You can rely on me, I am dependable, I am reliable, I give more than I take, and I am available.'  I can't think of a better reason to wear it at all time."