A Rose to Rotary

I case you missed it, a rose was given to Rotarians in the "Roses & Thistles" section of the Des Moines Register on Sunday, August 9th.  It said:
A rose to Rotarians who help change the world.  Nigeria has not had a case of polio for more than one year, a major step in eradicating the disease globally.  If the trend continues, all of Africa could be declared polio free by 2017.  Rotary has been a leader in the fight, contributing more than $1.4 billion to end the disease.  Locally, 10 metro Des Moines Rotary Clubs have donated about $100,000 of those dollars.  Rotarians don't just give money; some Iowans have traveled to Nigeria and elsewhere to help with vaccination efforts.   And they'll keep fighting in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the only nations where polio still persists.