26 Rotarians Recognized for Perfect Attendance


During the annual meeting on June 25th, Nate Burnham announced the names of 26 members of the club that had achieved perfect attendance during the 2014-2015 Rotary year.   Of course, none of the members actually attended every meeting during the year but they were credited with make-ups from other club visits, service projects, Rotary social events or on-line make ups for any meeting they missed.  In total the members of the club were credited with over 600 make-ups during the year.   The members with perfect attendance were:


1 Year - Rich Job & Stacey Koeppen
2 Years - Kristofer Orth & Steve Wieneke
3 Years -  Tim Cox, Jim Ramsey, Steve SchraderBachar & Todd Wehr
4 Years - Damon Miller & Terry Peter
5 Years - Patty Hoffman & Kathy Sibbel
6 Years - Doug Beech, Mary Cochran, Julie Cooper, Teri Crist & Tim Hawkins
7 Years - Brad Botos, & Sally Schroeder
9 Years - Dave Mercer
11 Years - Nate Burnham & Tom Friedman
16 Years - Gary Welch
19 Years - Jim Gocke
25 Years - Shar Dunlap
26 Years - Mike Lydon