World Polio Day was Thursday, October 24!

The United States has been polio free for many years but we need to keep reminding ourselves that the polio virus still exists in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.  We are "this close" but we still have work to do!  District 6000 is a leader in our Rotary Zone for its support of the END POLIO NOW effort.  Let's keep up the good work!
Rotary's commitment is to protect EVERY CHILD from this crippling disease.  Making good on our promise to the children of the world is our aim but in addition, polio eradication will yield long term economic impact with healthcare savings estimated between $40-50 billion in the next 20 years. The 24th of October has been chosen to commemorate the month in which Jonas Salk was born.  Salk was the leader of the team that invented the first polio vaccine in 1955.