Wanted - Rotarians to Take Attendance

The club is looking for 12 Rotarians to assist with taking attendance at noon Rotary meetings.  Each volunteer would be asked to assist the secretary at each meeting for one month out of the year and be responsible for the following:
  • Arrive by 11:45
  • Sit by the entrance and check off names as members arrive
  • Guests - Make sure they sign in on the registration sheet
  • Visiting Rotarians - Collect payment for the meal and provide a make-up card
  • Introduce visiting Rotarians and ask members to introduce their guests
  • Put 50/50 and fine money in bank bag
  • Assist with returning bell, gavel, badge box, & 50/50 container to the closet
Please let Nate Burnham know if you would like to volunteer to help.  This would be a great way for new members to get to know the names of other members.