Todd Eipperle departed Ankeny on December 5th to meet up with the 143d Sustainment Command Expeditionary (ESC) in Orlando Florida.   The unit consists of Soldiers representing 32 states including California, New York, Iowa and Puerto Rico.  The143d ESC Soldiers will provide mission command, combat support, and combat service support in supply, maintenance, transportation, and field services while coordinating the tactical operations of the rotational, functional, and sustainment brigades.  Additionally, they will serve as the forward operational command post for the 1st Theater Sustainment Command and be critical to supporting three named operations in the U.S. Army Central Command Area of Responsibility: Spartan Shield, Inherent Resolve, and Enduring Sentinel.  
Then on December 8th, the 143rd got a flight on a plane donated by the New England Patriots, to Fort Hood, Texas mobilezation base camp.  They then deployed and arrived in Kuwait in late December.   Looks like they had quite a feast for Christmas.  You can follow Todd on his Facebook page.  His address in Kuwait is:
SGM Eipperle, Todd
1 TSC / 143 ESC / G6
APO, AE 09366
United States