Scouting has been a way of life for Todd Eipperle.  So much so that he went from a second-grade member of the Boy Scouts to the field director and annual giving director of the Boy scouts of America - Mid-Iowa Council.  Now he is preparing to end that chapter of his scouting career and "sail off into retirement" on March 31, 2024, after 20 years.  Camp Mitigwa will honor Todd for his years of service by naming the proving grounds, previously the Eagle Academy, after him.  The Eipperle Proving Grounds will consist of two acres within the 450-acre campgrounds.
Through Todd's leadership and a grassroots effort, attendance at Camp Mitigwa increased significantly, surpassing the goal set for the camp's 90th anniversary.  He also created The Eagle Academy, a new program for first-year Scouts. This program emphasized the patrol method, which is important during the first year.  Scouts in the method participate in group living and citizenship.  It places them in smaller groups to allow the Scouts to relate to one another, and they elect representatives. Scouts are also encourged to rise in the ranks and receive merit badges. 
This is not Todd's first retirement.  He retired from a 40-year career in the Iowa national Guard and United States Army Reserve in October 2023.    He and Julie have bought an RV and plan to use it to travel across the nation, using RV lots which are for military use only.  When asked to sum up his career in three words, Todd responded with, "Honored to serve."
The Rotary Club of Ankeny has made a donation of $2,500 to the Boy Scouts of America - Mid-Iowa Council for the Eipperle Proving Grounds.  

Congratulation Todd, and good luck in your retirement!