District Governor Steve Dakin made his official visit to the noon Ankeny club on July 7, 2020.  The following is a letter received from him following his visit:
"Dear Todd,
      Lesley and I appreciate the lively welcome yesterday offered by the Rotary Club of Ankeny.  We were impressed by the number of Board members who were able to join us online, which speaks to the support and dedication to your club.
      We realize the Ankeny Bandshell has needed your long-term maintenance, but we are aware that it is frequently used (during more socially appropriate times).   Your dedication to the Ankeny Service Center is significant and also indispensable.  There are always community needs to be satisfied.   We are aware of the AMP and find it a tremendous asset.  Great Rotary branding there! 
       Fundraising this year may be a struggle, but it sounds like you are willing to try an alternative event.  I am interested to hear the outcome of your “dinner parties”.  This may be an idea that other clubs in the District could also use.
      Your involvement in international projects is also exciting:  PPE for Honduras, the Ames water project in Tanzania, and also support for Blessman International.  These opportunities to transform the world are made possible through your extensive donations to the Rotary Foundation:  100% involvement in Every Rotarian Every Year and Paul Harris Society members.   A big “thumbs up” to the Ankeny club.  
      During our trip around the District we will be sharing information with clubs about the positive effect your satellite club has had on your community.  Specifically, we think they would be interested in how you have included members in joint activities and shared governance in an effort to make Ankeny a better community.  Your hard work needs to be duplicated in a few other communities around District 6000.
      Thanks again for your time and attention.  Have a great 2020-2021 Rotary year!  Stay healthy and keep up the good works! 
Proud to be a Rotarian,
Steve Dakin"