In March 2018, a joint meeting was held of all of the service clubs in Ankeny.  Those in attendance were able to learn about some of the projects each club was participating in.    Representatives form each of these clubs have continued to meet and have selected a project that all clubs can work on together.  It is Avenue of Flags.  This is currently a project of the Optimist Club.  For $35 they set a flag at dawn in your yard and remove it at dusk on these five holidays: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veterans Day.  The flag is 3' x 5' and is flown from a 10' pole.  They are placed in a permanent grommet set in your yard.  The grommet is set low and will not interfere with moving or other activity.   The poles and flags are property of the Optimist Club and are stored and maintained by the club.   The project has been approved by the City of Ankeny.  All proceeds will go to help support Ankeny's youth and families.