Last month, the Board approved a $1,000 donation to assist the Salvation Army with remodeling a bus that was given to them by DART.   The bus will be used to serve people with needs outside the Des Moines Metro area who are unable to travel to Des Moines to access help.   This will enable more people to be served.  The following thank you has been received from John N. Foster, Donor Relations Director:
"Thank you so much for generously donating $1,000 to The Salvation Army's mobile social services program.  You are helping provide a life changing service that will assist people transitioning from dependence to independence.  People facing challenges need living assistance in many forms and, above all, the hope The Salvation Army abundantly provides.  The bus will bring all this and much more to those most in need.  You are providing a hand up to people with your greatly appreciated and valued support.  This important work is only possible with your help; thanks to you, the homeless, the hungry and people rebuilding their lives will receive the help they need.  Please thank all who took part."