The following thank you was received from "Operation Warm" in response to the club's donation of $1,512 to purchase winter coats to be distributed by Project Fresh Start.
Genuine joy at the sight of bright, warm coats piled on cafeteria tables.  Stunned surprise that you get to choose your own to take home.   Smiles that are contagious.  Walking through the halls of school, sitting on the bus or playing at the playground all become different experiences when a child has a new coat on.  Thanks to the Rotary Club of Ankeny's support of $1,512 to Operation Warm, moments like this happen, and begin a new story about expression, confidence and generosity!
Our clothes can show the world what we like, who we think we are, and where we belong.  Partners like you give kids the chance to pick out their favorite color and style, and leave with what could be their first piece of brand new clothing.  You give them something to wear that makes them feel great and sends a message that they are worth it.  Giving an Operation Warm coat is giving a tangible token of empowerment.  Committed partners like the Rotary Club of Ankeny make it possible to give children a gift of warmth.  Thank you for giving children not only warmth for the winter, but hope and happiness, and warmth to last a lifetime.