The Rotary Club of Ankeny donated $6,000 to Blessman International's "Teach a Child to Fish Global Rotary Grant" project.  Here is a brief update from Dr. Blessman on this project:
2019 has been a year of abundance on Mountain View Farm - our friend Martha was part of that.   Blessman International began and completed the first phase of the "Teach a Child to Fish" Global Rotary Grant.  The first phase welcomed 50 learners (students, teachers, educators, etc.) for 10 different schools in Limpopo to Blessman International's Mountain View Farm for a week of agriculture training.  Learners were taught Foundations of Farming from Johanney Chongani and Erica Henderson; teaching methods of farming. plant propagation, managing fertilizers and controlling insects/disease.  Once learners completed this training, our Mountain View Farm staff (and some mission teams) helped plant school gardens at the 10 participating schools.  Using incentives for successful gardens, schools received drip irrigation ands shade nettings.  The second phase included all 50 learners attending a week long training at Shikwaru Estates to learn proper business practices to turn gardening in to a full-time job.  Instead of giving food for a day, we taught them how to eat for a lifetime.
Martha was a representative from Sterkriver Secondary School, Chosen because she showed n interest in agriculture and earned high marks in classes.  Since completing the training, Martha has passed her metric examination and has enrolled at the University of Limpopo on scholarship to continue studying agriculture.   Progress has been slow in different communities, especially in Africa.  It is important to know seeds have been planted.  These seeds need support, but thrive with attention and love.