A few weeks ago, President Sally Schroeder, asked each member to complete a short survey.  Here are the responses:
1.)    What should we keep doing?
a.)    Work with city-wide organizations to improve Ankeny; youth exchange; RYLA; fundraising; PR – Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat; new members- make sure everyone has a task (100 members)
b.)    Dictionaries and calculators seem outdated
c.)    City- wide service summit; Summerfest; Iowa Wolves polio plus night, or successor program
d.)    Don’t make any changes, thumbs up!
e.)    Rotary minute – this is excellent, definitely continue this – refresher for older members & good info for new members; I like the fact that we sing – and I think we should continue; unfortunately not everyone feels that way, but I appreciate you for trying Sally
f.)     Summit; Facebook; minute
g.)    I like the Rotary minute & I like to hear from individual members, helps us get to know each other
h.)    Rotary minute
i.)     Dictionaries
j.)     Facebook & assigning service/activities to each member
k.)    Sustain & improve; membership social events every quarter; annual fundraising project
l.)     Monthly events; Facebook – share to personal pages & post once/year on the Rotary page
m.)   Keep evening group & all service projects
2.)    What should we start doing?
a.)    Focus on chartering evening club within 12 months or combine
b.)    Something to promote new members; incentives for bringing guests to promote new members; more individual committee meetings during Tuesday meetings!
c.)    Focus on completing Market Pavilion landscaping
d.)    Concentrate on trees @ AMP
e.)    Facebook
f.)     Consider new location to boost membership , ex – The District
g.)    More self-promotion of what we accomplish
h.)    Quarterly non-member/spouse/significant other fireside chat orientation meeting/social – food, drinks & program for 1 hour or less
i.)     Get noon members to join at least one evening service event per year to get to know each other better
3.)    What should we stop doing?
a.)    No singing
b.)    Plant a tree for each member
c.)    Singing
d.)    ?
e.)    Speaking pessimistically about membership & noon & evening lack of interaction; speak positively – it makes new members to stay instead of focusing on the negative