Rotary Scholarships Presented to Students

In cooperation with Dollars for Scholars, the Rotary Club of Ankeny presented two $500 scholarships to Ankeny seniors during the High School Senior Spotlight nights.  Rachel Kerger was the recipient at Ankeny High School and John Hollinrake was the recipient at Centennial High School.   Thank you to Sally Schroeder and Patty Hoffman for representing the Rotary Club of Ankeny at these events.
A thank you has been received from both Rachel and John.  Rachel's stated:  "Thank you for the scholarship that you awarded me for five hundred dollars in 2016.   In the fall, I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa, and I plan to participate in volunteer organizations like the Rotary Club in the future.  Although have yet to decide upon a major, your generous contribution to my education will aid my college career."
John's stated: " Thank you for awarding me a scholarship of $500.  This scholarship is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use helping to fund my studies at George Mason University next fall.   With the incredibly high costs of tuition, room, and board, and books having this $500 brings me one step closer to paying for college without incurring overbearing student debt.  While attending George Mason University, I intend to study government and international affairs.  This area of focus is exciting to me because I am very interested in politics and public policy.  By pursuing a degree in this field I get to learn about macroeconomics (one of my favourite courses from high school) learn about the creation of new laws, and also study a foreign from college.   I hope to work at either the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, or the Federal Reserve.  By awarding me this scholarship, you have shown you believe in my promise and my potential a gift worth much more than $500, thank you.