Rotary International Convention in Atlanta

Sally Schroeder, Gary Welch and Steve Wieneke attended the 2017 Rotary International Convention in Atlanta on June 10-14.  Sally submitted th efollowing report:
"My first experience at a Rotary convention was one of exceeding expectations and a renewed energy of what can be accomplished locally and globally.   Gary Welch and Steve Wieneke were also present and we happened to see each other among the estimated 40,000 attendees.   The opening ceremony with over 130 countries was impressive.  During the first general session. $1.4 million was donated for polio eradication.   Bill Gates donated $450 million, France kicked in $61 million etc.!  The grand total raised was $1.2 billion!   As of last week, there were only 5 reported cases of polio in the world since January 1, 2017.
Ashton Kutcher spoke of human trafficking.  My favorite was a former UN ambassador, former mayor of Atlanta, congressman and civil rights leader, Andrew Young.   At age 85, his message was humorous and full of hope for the world.  He didn't really know the 4-way test but he sure knew about what Rotary had accomplished by using our 4 guiding principles.  The concurrent sessions were informative and I know we can use some of the tips. 
I thank our club for the opportunity to meet so many Rotarians and I look forward to next year in Toronto."