Rotary Foundation Minute - Polio Update

A PolioPlus update: Children in the three endemic countries of Pakistan, Nigeria, and Afghanistan where testing shows the virus is present, are continuing to be inoculated.  400 million children in 60 countries are also being inoculated where there hasn't had a recent outbreak, but testing samples show that the virus is present in certain areas of the country.  As all of us know, Polio is an incurable virus and inoculation leading to eradication is the only way to rid the world of this virus, and progress is being made every single day.  The current "Campaign" to eradicate polio is scheduled to end in 2020 following the three year waiting requirement imposed by the World Health Organization, if the last reported case is in 2017.  So far we are on track but the final weeks, months, and years of this campaign are very expensive and we need your continued advocacy as well as district and club funding raising, if we honor the commitment Rotary has made more than three decades ago.

To date, March 17, 2017, there has been only 4 cases reported in the world.   Your contribution to the PolioPlus has enabled this to happen.  Thank you.