The village of Sae Sabona, situated in sub-Saharan Niger, is inhabited by 7,500 individuals who eke out a dry existence on a parched landscape with no rain for 10 months of the year. When the rain finally comes in the months of July and August, much of it is contaminated; but it is the villagers’ only source for drinking and bathing.
David Smith of The Rotary Club of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, described in a report how his club, working with Rotary Clubs in Vienna, Austria, and Niamey, Niger sponsored a well that provides water for drinking, bathing and irrigation for the people of Sae Sabona. The $70,000 project was funded in a Global Grant by TRF.   According to Smith, the 350-foot-deep well provides more than 1,000 gallons of clean water a day for the people. Aside from the health benefit, the well has opened a new source of livelihood for villagers. No fewer than 180 women from the community are growing high value crops such as tomatoes, onions and lettuce, on the irrigated land. Sale of these crops provides both income and food for their families. Smith admits that the Rotary Club of Pagosa Springs is pleased to be part of the three-continent project aimed at combating “deep poverty”. He stated that the motto of Rotary International, “Service above self,” applies to both individuals and communities.    
Vocational Service is one of Rotary’s Avenues of Service.
Through Vocational Service we:
  • Serve others by using our unique skills to address community needs
  • Empower others through training and skill development
  • Inspire others to act with integrity by following Rotary’s guiding principles (