Fifty-two clubs make up Rotary International District 6380 (Michigan and Ontario, Canada) with seven clubs located in Macomb County, Michigan.  These seven clubs donated more than 90,000 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, homeless shelters, food programs and schools as part of their on-going “100,000 Mask Challenge.”  This project was made possible through a Rotary International Disaster Grant of $25,000 awarded by TRF.
In a related report, the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North received a $73,000 grant from TRF called the “Pandemic Relief for Detroit Project” to provide a total of 100,000 masks to frontline workers in the area.  A member of the Livingston Sunrise Rotary Club and incoming DG for 2021-2022, Brenda K. Tipton, expressed gratitude to the Foundation, explaining that the $73,000 GG Project “will supply PPEs and human service needs to the Detroit area.  Detroit VA Hospital is on the list to receive $10,000 worth of PPEs.” 
Still in Michigan, District 6360 has provided funds matched by TRF to agencies providing nutritious meals to seniors in St. Joseph-Barton Harbor. The Rotary Club of St. Joseph-Barton Harbor handed a sum of $3,750 to Senior Nutrition Services and Meals on Wheels of SW Michigan. The TRF grant was awarded to help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused an over 66% increased in need and new requests.  Prior to Coronavirus, according to club president, Matt Hanley, 300 meals a day were served, but with the onset of the pandemic, the need has risen to 500 meals daily.  

As I look back on 2020, I reflect on how our lives have changed. The global COVID-19 pandemic brought pain and loss to many of us. And for almost all of us, our daily lives, family time, and work also changed this year.  But we've made it to the end of this difficult year, not on our own but by reaching out to one another, as we always do in Rotary.  With each passing year, I become prouder of our organization.   (Holger Knaack, RI President 2020-21)