Rotary Foundation Minute


Every year, hundreds of thousands of people — children, families, and entire communities — benefit from projects funded by The Rotary Foundation.  It gives back in countless ways, focusing its service efforts in six areas: promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, saving mothers and children, supporting education, and growing local economies.


Your $10 provides a safe, peaceful night's rest in countries like Uganda, where malaria is a major health concern.  Your $25 provides the gift of a school uniform which can open the doors to education for a child.  In rural Guatemala, deadly waterborne diseases are common.  Your $50 offers personal water filters for simple, sustainable access to clean water.  $85 purchases a box of Purple Markers used to mark the pinkie fingers of children who have received the polio vaccine, helping health workers identify children who still need to be immunized.  A sewing machine can be purchased for $100 and is used to teach entrepreneurs the skills they need to launch a business. Microloans and training ensure the business's sustainability.  For $250 washbasins can be obtained to provide mothers living in domestic-violence shelters the means to bathe and care for their babies and families.  And for $500 – a cow can be purchased which will provide dairy products and can produce calves that farmers in Cambodia can sell to support their families.

Your contribution to The Rotary Foundation makes this all possible.