Rotary Foundation Minute

The Rotary Club of Madras Coromandel has been rebuilding toilets in government schools now for three years.  The projects have been to replace dilapidated facilities or create new ones where none existed.  The projects support mainly girls after sixth grade because they do not want to relieve themselves in the open.  Also included are sanitary napkin dispensers and incinerators.  Interact clubs are being started in all these schools to make sure the administration maintains the newly created facilities. Last year, partnering with ten Rotary clubs in their district, fourteen schools in Chennei, South India, were given new or rebuilt schools, a project that cost $170,000 in US Dollars.
In addition, this year, partnering with ten more Rotary clubs from their district, schools are getting new or rebuilt toilets for $120,000 and partnering with eight other Rotary clubs for the purchase of new or refurbished toilets in thirty-two schools.  Partnerships, a dedication to improve the lives of young people and contributions to The Rotary Foundation allow this to happen.  Financial support is a necessity; your generosity is a must - the world is smaller and its people are our neighbors.  Please give to The Rotary Foundation if you haven't already.  Thank you.