Rotary Foundation Minute


More than a million children regularly go to bed hungry in the US, according to a government report that shows a startling increase in the number of families struggling to put food on the table.  According to Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winning economist and columnist for the New York Times, one in 6 Americans living below the poverty line suffer from “low food security!”   

Rotary member Steve Dulle from Missouri wanted to change that.  For his induction as this year’s governor in District 6080, he eschewed a traditional installation featuring fine food and formal wear.  Instead he asked members throughout the district to collect non-perishable food and volunteer at local food banks and pantries on the day he took office!!   He also launched a month long “food fight” that pit clubs in the northern part of his district against those in the south to see who could collect the most food!  In total they collected more than 10,000 pounds of food and raised nearly $19,000 for Missouri’s food pantries.  This project admirably took on one of The Rotary Foundation’s Area of Focus – Maternal and Child Health in a creative and effective manner.  Congratulations to them and thank you to all who contributed to this project.