Rotary Foundation Minute


Rotary’s World Community Service program was launched in 1967.  Since then, thousands of projects have been completed, and millions of your dollars in funding, supplies and work hours have been donated annually by Rotary clubs to support them.  International service projects aim to: Improve the quality of life for those in need, encourage cooperation between clubs and districts in countries around the world, provide an effective framework for exchanging information and ideas regarding project needs and assistance, increase awareness among Rotarians of international development and cultural issues as well as the importance of implementing projects that help people help themselves, educate Rotarians about project funding opportunities, and foster international understanding, goodwill and peace.


The Rotary Foundation encourages all clubs to reach out beyond their own community and to further international understanding and goodwill by supporting an international project.  Rotary Showcase is a searchable database where hundreds of funding opportunities are available for support.  It can be found on the RI website:  Become involved and be a "gift to the world".