Root Beer Float Sales Set Record - Again!!

The Rotary Club of Ankeny sold root beer floats at both the North HyVee and the South, Prairie Trail, HyVee on Saturday May 13th to aid Special Olympics.  In total they used 50 - 2 liter bottles of A&W Root Beer and 15.5 gallons of ice cream.  Sales and donations that will go to Special Olympics totaled $1,220.19 compared to $1,057 last year and 723.50 in 2015.  The North team took in $688.32, the most ever at one store, compared to $531.87 for the South team which was second only to the South team's total last year and this year's North total.   Thank you to Rotarians Ben Digmann, Carmen Davis, Mary Cochran, Amy Miller, Kristofer Orth, Tim Hawkins, Nate Burnham and Tom Friedman for working the booth.   Also, thank you to Ben Digmann's and Kristofer Orth's kids, Silver Chord Student, Sam Eichhorn, Special Education teacher, Heather Lynam and all the Special Olympians that assisted at the booths.  And, of course, a big thank you to Tom Friedman for coordinating this great service project.