Many families in Ankeny are concerned with their ability to assist children with their learning on off days of a hybrid learning program to be utilized by the Ankeny Community Schools.  Laura Luetje presented a request to the Board to provide some financial support for a "Return to Learn" program in which a licensed substitute teacher will be provided at a central location, Blue Bean in Ankeny.   Rotary's donation of $3,500 will assist with the cost of renting the facility to provide access to technology and a safe learning environment for 6-weeks.  This donation is considered "seed money" to help this program get started.  If the program is expanded or continued beyond the 6-weeks, additional funding will be needed from other sources. 
The following thank you note was received from Laura Luetje: 
"Rotary Club of Ankeny, A heartfelt thank you for your support financially and in promoting the off-day return-to-learn program.  I truly believe we are making a difference to the kiddos and families in the district and that this support is just another way to show how much the Rotary Club of Ankenysupports the community and how important this support is!  Thank you!!"
This note was received from one of the students:
"Dear Ankeny Rotary - Thank you for donating.  I love going to Blue Bean every Monday & Thursday!  I love having Ms. Whitney & Mrs. Laura help me!  Thanks again!  With love, Cate Trewet"
And a note from another student:
"Thanks Ankeny Rotary Club!  Thank you for helping support Return 2 Learn.  I love it and i'm learning a lot!  From Owen Hetiet"