Gary Welch received the following message from Ankeny's outgoing Rotary Exchange Student to France, Conner Grau:
Hello, I have been in France for over two months now. It is beautiful, and exhausting. Thankfully we have a two week break off of school right now. My host family is really nice and understanding of everything, which is great. Because of where I live, in the west part of France, we live really close to the ocean and I have never been or seen the ocean in real life before and I finally got to do that. The food is amazing, my favorite thing is raclette, which is cheese melted on potatoes and it's so good. Communication is difficult and weird, but getting better as my language ability get's better. I am definitely not fluent but I am learning so much and can understand most of what is happening around me now which is good. I am feeling myself change and grow in ways I never thought before. All is well.  Connor Grau