Prospective New Member Social


A goal of the membership committee for the 2013-2014 year is to increase the membership of the "noon" Rotary Club of Ankeny to at least 80 members and the membership of the "evening" club to at least 20 members so it can apply for its own charter.  We believe this can be accomplished if each current extends an invitation to at least one prospect to consider joining Rotary.  

To kick off this membership drive, the Rotary Cub of Ankeny will be sponsoring a social on Tuesday, October 8th at the Ankeny Golf & Country Club from 5:30 to 7:00 PM.  The purpose of this event is for current members of both the noon and evening clubs to invite prospective new members to come learn more about Rotary.  

The club will be providing appetizers and everyone attending will receive two complimentary drink tickets.   Present plans for the evening include a power point presentation with information about Rotary and highlighting the activities and projects of the Ankeny club and some short, 2 minute, presentations by current members on "What Rotary Means to Me" . 

A sample letter of invitation has been sent to all members that they can personalize and send to a friend or associate that they believe would make a good Rotarian.  It is suggested that this letter be mailed and then followed up in a few days with a phone call.  This letter was created in Word so each member can personalize it with the name of the prospect, a current date, and their name and contact information.

By inviting new members to join our club, you are not only helping your club to grow but current members who recruit a new member will receive a credit equal to one quarter's dues for every new member they successfully recruit, on their next Rotary invoice, up to a limit of 4 credits.  But there is no limit on the number of new members you can recruit!