We are pleased to report there has not been any new Wild Polio cases reported in the world since January 19, 2021.   The final two polio endemic countries are:
Pakistan - The last Wild Polio case was reported on 11/23/20.  Pakistan reported 84 Wild Polio cases in 2020.  
Afghanistan - Only one new Wild Polio case has been reported in 2021 and it was on January 19th.   Afghanistan reported 56 Wild Polio cases in 2020.
The picture shows Dr. Samreen Khalil, WHO Polio Eradication Officer in Pakistan, as she collects a sample from Muhammad Shabir in order to perform a test for COVID-19.  Most of the Polio staff and volunteers are also participating in Covid as well as Polio eradication activities.    A Win Against Polio is a Win for Global Health!