The planting of the majority of the new shrubs at the Band Shell was completed on September 7th.   The final 10 that were not in stock previously, were planted the following week.   All the planting is now complete and 115 bags of mulch have been spread around the plants.   The appearance of the area is vastly improved over.
The City of Ankeny will pay for the new plantings at a cost of approximately $1,300.  The rotary Club of Ankeny, in addition to providing the labor to clear the area, plant the new shrubs and spread the mulch, will be paying for the mulch and upstart fertilizer at a cost of $387.   Members of the Evening Ankeny Rotary Club have volunteered to assume the responsibility for the maintence of the area going forward.  The city has placed a sign on the site indicating the Rotary CLub of Ankeny has adopted this site.  
Thank you to the Rotarians and family members that helped with the removal of the old shrubs and the planting the new ones.  A special thank you to Mary Cochran and Steve Wieneke for their leadership in the completion of this project.