Ping Pong Ball Drop for ClubFoot Disability

A ping pong ball drop will be held during the 2016 District 6000 Conference with DG Loring Miller, DG Elect Chris Knapp and DG Nominee Mike Ruby participating in what should be both a unique and entertaining event.  Numbered balls can be purchased for $5.00 each and will be dropped in mass on Saturday, April 2nd.   Three balls that land within a cup will be declared winners.   First place wins $1,000 cash and 1,000 Paul Harris recognition points, second place wins $500 cash and 500 Paul Harris recognition points, and third place wins $250 cash and 250 Paul Harris recognition points.   The recognition points are only awarded if the winner is registered for the conference.  A sign up sheet will be available for members wishing to purchase a ping pong ball.