The last reported Wild Polio case in Nigeria was on August 20, 2016.  Nigeria is to be congratulated on reaching three year without a Wild Polio case!    As recently as 1996, over 75,000 children were paralyzed all around the countries of Africa and now with the three year anniversary of the last Wild Polio case in Nigeria, the entire continent of Africa could become certified as Polio-Free as soon as early 2020. 
This leaves two countries that are still considered endemic.   In Pakistan, 53 cases have been reported in 2019 with the most recent case being reported on July 12th.  In 2018, there were 12 Wild Polio cases reported in Pakistan.  In Afghanistan, there has been 13 new polio cases reported in 2019 compared to 21 in 2018.  The most recent case in Afghanistan was reported on July 16th.