During the Club's Annual Celebration and Awards Banquet, Foundation Chair Tim Hawkins recognized five individuals for having reached another level of giving to the Rotary Foundation and becoming multiple Paul Harris Fellows.  They included James Ramsey - PHF + 6, Shar Dunlap - PHF + 3, Annette Burnham - PHF + 2, Kathy Sibbel - PHF +2, and Tim Hawkins - PHF + 8. 
In Tim's report on the Club's giving to the Rotary Foundation, he noted the Club is a 100% Paul Harris Sustaining Member Club (Each member donating at least $100 per year to the Foundation), the club currently has 63 PHF which 44 are multiple PHF.  In 2024, the Club and it's members donated $18,765 to the Rotary Foundation and and additional $11,110 to PolioPlus and since it was chartered, the Club had donated a total of $553,430 to the Rotary Foundation and $92,295 to PolioPlus.