Most Rotary clubs throughout the world, including the Rotary Club of Ankeny, follow the colorful tradition of exchanging small colorful banners, flags or pennants.  Rotarians visiting other clubs take banners to exchange at make-up meetings as a token of friendship.  The Rotary International Board recognized the growing popularity of the banner exchange in 1959 and encouraged participating clubs to ensure that the design of their banners are distinctive and expressive of the club's community and country.  they recommended the banners include pictures, slogans or designs portraying the territorial area of the club.
Ankeny's supply of trading banners has been diminished and a new banner design was approved by the Board.   The old banner had an outline of the bandshell.  The Board decided the new banner should emphasis the club's newest large project, the Ankeny Market Pavilion.  A new supply of banners has been ordered and should be on hand in a couple weeks.  Any member that plans to visit another Rotary club may request a banner from the club President or Secretary to take with them and exchange with the club they are visiting.